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Document Security – Heads Up!

Find out why "locking" a document by converting it to a PDF file isn"t particularly secure with the new features of MS Office 2013. Continue reading

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Configuration Manager 2012 – Part 1

If you are losing the battle to bring efficiency to your enterprise, mobile and desktop infrastructure, ConfigMgr 2012 might be your ultimate solution. Continue reading

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Windows To Go

Windows To Go, put simply, is a fully functional, bootable version of Windows 8 Enterprise that is stored on a USB flash drive. Windows To Go brings new meaning to Bring Your Own Device. Plug in a Windows To Go … Continue reading

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Office 2013. What’s new? What’s changed?

Have you heard of flash fill or PDF reflow? Check out how simplified sharing and recommended charts enhance your user experience. These and more are a couple of the features you will see in the new Office 2013. Continue reading

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Choosing an MDM Solution: Where to Start

Narrow down the playing field to a few key MDM solutions. How? Here are a few key questions that you can ask yourself. Continue reading

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Square Peg in a Square Hole

What provides most of the benefits of an on-premises desktop management system, but at a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the setup time? Say hello to Microsoft Windows Intune. Continue reading

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Virtualization: Baby Steps

Virtualization provides elegant solutions to some messy problems and it"s easier than you think! Check out these two situations that help answer the "why?" when it comes to virtualization. Continue reading


In Defense of Windows 8’s New Modern Start Menu

There’s a certain intricacy to Microsoft’s new flagship operating system that requires not only a radically different mindset in its use but an all new way of viewing your desktop. It’s no secret that many IT professionals are not happy … Continue reading